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Old school necessities.   
09:24pm 31/07/2010
mood: nostalgic
06:30pm 25/11/2003
  WeirdRiterLuvLee: *kisses your cheek* you are a queen, *they* just dont know it yet ^_~
WeirdRiterLuvLee: but ill tell them and we won't hurt anymore, they will.
06:03pm 23/08/2009


Oh damn.   
12:04am 19/08/2009
  I seriously took a 49 day trip around the USA.

Kiiiinda cool, if you think about it.
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02:27am 01/07/2009

Stalk me x-country.
seagulls fly...   
12:44am 15/06/2009
mood: aggravated
I don't ever have anything worth writing in this thing. Either that or it is because I don't want to suck it up and confront the shit I could be writing about in here.

I personally never thought of myself as unfriendly. I am not outgoing, and am quite shy at first, but I never thought of myself as un-personable. Many people have complimented on my friendly or sweetness.

Then people close to me, (ie my bf) says the shit he says, and goes and fucks up my way of thinking of this. And I start second guessing and doubting my personality, and outward manners and ... interactions. WTF.

I really don't like his ... friends and family, well most of them. And as I have come to find out they think I'm a crazy bitch and don't like me either. Which is quite upsetting in itself because I didn't realize this. And he tells me it doesn't matter what they think, and if it did matter he wouldn't be with me. Which I guess is true on my side too because all my friends and family don't like him either. But some of his friends have even told me that I deserve better than him.

And it's really all this one friends fault. She causes all the problems between him and I. If I ever were to break up with him, it would most likely be because of her. And he thinks of damn highly of her. I asked why he doesn't just fucking date her if he has so much bad to say of me and so much good to say of her, but he says he doesn't want to date her.

Fucking irritating.

We are going away together for a month. When we get back, I'm gonna work my fucking ass off, and save money and get the fuck out of here. Or at least buy somewhere that I can get the fuck out of here to.

This shit makes me so upset and anxious...
I don't know what to do with myself.

I wish she would fucking move, but she probably won't without him.

At this moment, I want nothing to do with him because I want nothing to do with the people he is acquainted with.

Unfortunately that won't hold for long, so I can't act on it.

From what I hear...everything works out in the end...
I just wish it wouldn't wait...
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01:07am 31/05/2009
  i ma gnippirt no dica and ghih sa a etik no deew.
dna dah ekil 3 edanomel dna akdov.

and i didnt have very much trouble typing that...

so, huh. if you can read it, theres your proof.
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11:51pm 28/05/2009

I am so full of hatred, it's miraculous.
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09:59pm 20/05/2009



10:31pm 17/05/2009
  whats up everyone?

I'm just posting here letting you all know that Dave and I are taking a cross country road trip for the month of July.

We will be packing the popup, heading west, hitting lots of states, and seeing lots of stuff.

I'm incredibly excited, and will be posting up a link of a blog that we will HOPEFULLY be updating during our trip.

I'm a little anxious, and a little worried, and horribly excited.

Everything is good here, school is over for the semester, and that's awesome because I was getting tired.
Work, I SOOOOO do not make enough money, at all. And have been looking for side work for quiiiiite a while. Fucking sucks. But I'm dealing. I haven't bought anything except gas for a while, and don't plan to any time soon.

Just wanted ya all updated.
08:58pm 02/04/2009
  I'm freakin out man.  
03:13pm 25/03/2009
mood: distressed

my insides are starting to turn.
i am not looking forward to this.

i need your help guys, keep me busy!
02:35pm 03/02/2009
  I'm really just broken hearted now.  
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bull fucking shit.   
02:06am 22/01/2009
  I haven't felt this bad in a lonnnnng time.  
thats me!   
11:10pm 19/11/2008
07:30pm 08/10/2008
  I can't fucking breathe.

My head is full and busy and if there was a noise it'd be humming,

and nothing will calm down, and nothing will sort out.

Holy shit.
Fuck you.   
11:30pm 22/07/2008
  I'm hurt,

and scared.

I might be overreacting. But it means that much to me.

I can't handle it.
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02:21am 20/06/2008
  I'm fucking screwed.  
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Don't close your eyes...   
09:39pm 12/06/2008
  This is fucked.

I can't do this anymore. I just can't.
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01:14am 12/06/2008
  Tattoo on Friday.
I'm freaking out cause I won't be able to swim for 2 weeks.
Lets hope I don't regret this...
09:57pm 13/05/2008
mood: PMS-y
Dave and I just bought a pop-up!

Who is coming camping with us?!

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